Sarah and Lian Dec 2021

Sarah is the founder of Face Envy and a native Oregonian.  She is a Licensed Esthetician, PMU (permanent makeup) & Tattoo Artist who has trained with masters in her field, holds a MBA in Healthcare Management, and is certified in: Eyelash Extensions; Saline Tattoo & PMU removal; Ombre/Powder Brows; Lip Blush; Eyeliner; Phi Microblading Artist; BBP and 1st Aid.

Sarah's vision for Face Envy was to create a very friendly, welcoming and relaxing environment that provides one-on-one luxury beauty services for clients.  Your appointment time is for you and you only!  That means you are the only client in the room; not a group of clients only feet from one another with chatter all around, and people moving around an open space.  Having your own space with a heated, cozy, ergonomic bed to lay on is ideal for your total relaxation and self-care time. 

The other important piece for the vision for Face Envy was to be an environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty-free beauty studio that doesn't have to sacrifice quality for being an ethic beauty business.  And Sarah has excelled in this!  You won't find plastic in the studio!  ALL our disposables, from gloves to waste can liners, even your mascara wands, are 100% BIODEGRADABLE!  It has taken a long time to source all the needed biodegradable products but starting 2022 we are now proudly a eco-friendly beauty studio!!!

Sarah is also self-taught MUA (makeup artist) with publication and especially loves Halloween makeup looks and creations.

Education is important and Sarah strives to continually perfect her trades and keep current on information regarding skin care, beauty, science and health.  

She enjoys pursuing continuing education through research, online trainings & certifications, attending seminars/lectures/trainings pertaining to the esthetics, the tattoo industry and other areas of her trades.

Her service dog, Lian, is often in the studio and if the official greeter for Face Envy.

Sarah looks forward to meeting you and thanks you for supporting small, local, cruelty-free, vegan businesses.