Updated 3/12/22 

Hi Beauties!


I just want all my beautiful clients to know that I take great care to stop the spread of germs (be it a cold, flu, or C19) at Face Envy.

As I only see one client at a time and allow time for disinfecting/cleaning between clients I want you to feel safe and comfortable at my studio!

Mask are no longer required in my studio or when entering the building.  All studio owners, including myself, and 100% vaccinated and boosted!  Additionally, I test weekly to ensure I keep myself & my clients illness free!

Should you arrive early, please feel free to wait in the waiting area located at the end of the hall.

As restrictions are lifting, some mandates are still in place so please be in compliance, thank you!

Per state regulations you CANNOT book an appointment and/or MUST reschedule an upcoming appointment under any of the following conditions:

  • you have a cough 

  • you have a fever

  • you have shortness of breath

  • if you have other symptoms of COVID19

  • if you have been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days


To aid in health/safety please adhere to the following protocol when entering Face Envy:

  • Shoes are to be removed before getting on bed; I provide cozy socks for you to wear during your stay.  If you don't want to remove your shoes, disposable shoe cover are also available

  • Use the available hand sanitizer.

  • I must ask for prompt payment and departure directly after service.  In the past we could chat for a bit but with extra disinfecting protocols I need to tidy up and sanitize before each client arrives; thank you for understanding.

  • No guests in studio; they need to wait in the waiting area.  


What am I doing:

  • I am vaccinated and boosted for your safety and mine!

  • I have several certificates from WHO regarding protocol, sanitation, proper hand-washing techniques, etc.

  • I have always used and will continue to use high-level, hospital-grade disinfectants/sanitizers on every door knob/doors & commonly touched surfaces (yes, I even wipe down the hand sanitizer bottle)

  • Bedding is changed and surface area is changed for each client

  • The studio may feel a touch chilly on cooler days as I will be keeping widows cracked to allow fresh air in at all times. This is to help disperse the air sanitizer/disinfectant I spray between clients, and well as the disinfectants I use on surfaces so we are not continually breathing in the smell of chemicals.

  • I have always used a HEPA Filter in the studio and will continue to do so


All in all, I have created the safest possible environment in my studio but of course encourage clients to book as they feel comfortable: no hard feelings as I cherish you all!  We all the know the potential risks but I feel confident in my implemented protocols and safety measures to aid in germ control and sanitation.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns 💗



call/text: 503-347-4422