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Face Envy requires nonrefundable booking fees for all Full Sets of Lashes & Fills from Another Specialist. 
These are nonrefundable and will be applied to your scheduled appointment.
All appointments require a credit or debit card at time of booking.

24hr cancellation notice is required for all lash appointments!

As a vegan, cruelty-free studio, Face Envy cannot offer real mink, or other animal fur derived eyelashes, for extensions.   

FREQUENT FLYERS Some like their lashes perfect and want more frequent fills. 
If you come in within 7 days of your last fill, 
you get 10% off the fill price!

Please note that "fills" booked 24+ days (21+ days for Mega Volume) from your last appointment are not Fills, they are Repeat Full Sets
and will need to be booked as such.  Excessive lash loss (50%+) will also require a full new set



Beginning June Face Envy will be the 1st lash studio in Oregon to offer a new option with a new adhesive that has tested well for those who have been sensitive or allergic to lash extensions in the past! 
Click here to learn more


Lash Test: $20 (approx. 20min) 

If you have had sensitivities in the past or tend to be sensitive/allergic please book a Lash Test.
This is also a great option for those who may have had poor experiences in the past to give you an idea of Face Envy's environment and lash application process.
Approx. 10-12 lashes will be applied to each eye.  We will of course make sure they blend with your natural lashes.

If no reaction within 48hrs, it is generally a good indicator to proceed with a full set, though we make no guarantees.

 Full Set Options

Hybrid Full Set: $179 (approx. 2hrs) 
A mix of Classic and Light Volume Lashes.  Perfect for those who want a very natural look but with a sprinkle of fullness.

Volume Full Set: $214 (approx. 2.5 - 2.75hrs) 

Multiple fine lashes (2-5) are applied to each of your eligible lashes.
These are NOT cluster lashes!  These are hand-made fans, carefully crafted during your service.

 Perfect for those who want fuller lashes; recommend for those with sparse lashes.


Mega Volume Full Set: $299 (approx. 3 - 3.5hrs) 

 This is an ideal seat for those seeking ultra fullness/glam, or for those with very thin and or sparse lashes.
Mega Volume is the use of ultra fine lashes to create 6-12d fans



Color Volume Full Set: $224 (approx. 3hrs) 

A beautiful mix of color and black, fine lashes (2-5) are applied to each of your eligible lashes.
These are NOT cluster lashes!  These are hand-made fans, carefully crafted during your service

Price starts at $219 and increases depending how much color and how many color you wants (ie pops of color - full set of color)

 Fill Options

If it has been 25+ days since your last service OR if you have less than 50% of your extensions remaining, 
you need to book a new Full Set, not a fill.

FREQUENT FLYERS: some like their lashes perfect and want more frequent fills.  If you come in within 7 days of your last fill,
you get 10% off the fill price.

Fill from another lash specialist: $79 for 60min, $99 for 90min

 We don't fill poor work from others! 
Price is for Hybrid; additional for Volume or Mega fill.

30min Quick Fill: $40
A great option to fill in any little gaps to get your ready for vacation, special events, etc. 
Volume Quick Fills are $45.

60min Hybrid Fill: $69

Booked 7-14 days from last service


90min Hybrid Fill: $99

Booked 10-21 days from last service

60min Volume Fill: $79
Booked 7-14 days from last service


90min Volume Fill: $109

Booked 12-21 days from last service

60min Volume Color Fill: $84
Booked 7-14 days from last service


90min Volume Color Fill: $119

Booked 12-21 days from last service

90min Mega Fill: $124

Booked 7-16 days from your last service.

Lash Extensions Removal: $35+





About Eyelash Extensions


Because of my dedication to cruelty-free beauty, Face Envy cannot offer real mink, or other animal/insect derived eyelashes; however, we use top quality synthetic lashes that are hypoallergenic, lightweight and beautiful.  A synthetic lash is applied to each of your eligible lashes using a medical grade adhesive (latex and formaldehyde free), suitable for most people, even sensitive individuals.  
If you are a sensitive individual, please book an Eyelash Test to see how you react.


Eyelash extension are semi-permanent and shed naturally with your lash cycle.  All of your lashes are on a different growth cycle, and everyone sheds differently depending on their lifestyle, genes, hormonal changes, etc.  We shed an average of 2-6 lashes each day so that means regular maintenance is needed to keep your extensions looking full and beautiful.


To keep your extensions looking their fullest and most beautiful, it is usually recommended to get your lashes touched up (ie filled) every 2 - 3 weeks. We have many different fill options, please select the best one based on your needs.

We focus on damage free lashes.  Not everyone can wear super long, thick lashes.  Lashes and styles are based on what your natural lashes can support and what would complement your natural eye-shape best.


Before your lash appointment

  • Make sure your eyes and eyelashes are healthy!  You must be free of infection, allergies, and fully recovered/healed from any recent eye surgeries/procedures.

  • If your natural lashes are thin and sparse, it is recommend to use a lash serum a minimum of 4 weeks before your appointment, and continuing as long as you wear extensions.  We recommend Grande Lash MD

  • No chemical treatments 48 hours prior to your appointment; this includes lash tinting and perming.

  • If you tend to be on the sensitive side, please consult with your doctor before your appointment! They may wish to prescribe you a cream medication called Desoximetasone, or something else, OR they may advise you to not have eyelash extensions.  

  • We also are the only Oregon Lash Studio to offer an option specifically for allergic/sensitive babes, click here to learn more

  • Please do not drink caffeine before your appointment!  Being still and relaxed is vital to a proper lash application.

  • Eyes should not be irritated, red, swollen, itchy, inflamed, have discharge, excessive watering, crustiness, or flakiness.

  • Please remove all makeup from your eyes and eye area by thoroughly cleansing with an oil-free cleanser! 
    *You will be charged for makeup removal if you do not do so before your appointment; this will also cut into your appointment time.


  • Please do not use oil based products on our lashes/eye area 24 hours before your appointment.

  • If you wear contacts, consider wearing glasses, especially if this is the first time with eyelash extensions.


After Your Lash Appointment

  • Please keep in mind that if you take hot showers, like to sit in a hot tub/sauna/hot bubble baths, sweat a lot, have oily skin, etc. these factors will contribute to the life of your extensions and you may need more frequent fills.

  • Take care to gently wash your eye area, with emphasis on the lash line, at least once a day for optimal retention and to keep your eyes and lashes healthy! Face Envy sells a Lash Lather that is safe for your extensions because its made specifically for the eye area/extensions: please purchase some at your appointment.

  • Avoid using waterproof makeup near or on your eyelashes.  It is so hard to remove and can damage your new lashes with the excessive washing and rubbing you do to get these products off.  Also, waterproof makeup bonds and damages the adhesive.

  • No mascara on your extensions!  You honestly will not need it and it does not look attractive when applied to extensions.  It bonds to your lashes and adhesive, making a clump mess that in turn ruins your investment and leads to sanitary issues.  
    The reason for getting extensions is so you don't have to bother with mascara.


  • Avoid rubbing, pulling or otherwise playing with your lashes.

  • Do not curl your lashes. 

  • Oils in washes, makeup, makeup removers, lotions and creams will break down the adhesive and your extensions will have retention issues.

  • Groom your lashes with a clean eyelash comb or clean, makeup-free mascara wand as needed. Groom middle to end only, starting at base can disrupt the adhesive and cause pulling/tugging and or premature lash loss.

  • Get a fill every 10-21 days.  We all shed 2-6 lashes each and every day.  A Repeat Set is required if it has been 24+ days since your last fill; 21+ days if you're a mega volume client.