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PMU is short of permanent makeup. Using a special hand-held device or through manual 

tools, pigment is implanted into the lips for a lovely pop of color.

Please note that Sarah works with your natural lips and does not go outside the

vermilion boarder (natural lip line) as the skin of your lips and the skin outside your lips

retain pigment differently and would heal very uneven in color/shape.

If you are hoping for fuller lips to be created, this is not the beauty treatment for you. 
PMU Lips can add a touch more definition to your pout and lighter colors give the illusion of

fullness, but again, we do not go outside the vermilion boarder.

Please contact a local injectionist to have lip filler done at least 4 weeks before your

Lips PMU treatment if you are seeking fuller lips.

Sarah specializes in Lip Blush/Lip Tint for a more natural looking lip. Sarah fills your entire lip with color to add a pop of color; this is not a lipstick look.

One thing to keep in mind with Lip PMU is that the skin of lips is harder to implant pigment into.  The skin is thin and vascular so we work carefully to avoid bruising, excessive swelling, and damage to the lip tissue.  This is a long treatment session.  Many will need more than one Perfecting Session so please be patient with this process and keep the cost in mind.


PMU is a form of tattooing and all clients must be 18+ years of age. 

There are also some contraindications that can prevent a client from getting the service

In some instances, a doctor's note can be accepted to proceed with the service but it is ultimately up to the discretion of Face Envy and its technicians.  If you have any questions, please contact Sarah.

Permanent cosmetics for the lips may not be performed if:

  • Under 18yrs old

  • Naturally dark skin and or those with darker lip pigment are highly prone to hypergimetnation and are not candidates for this service.  Generally this includes those on the Fitz Scale of 5+ but is of course case-by-case.

  • Scars on the lips may not take pigment, even with multiple session so please keep this in mind.

  • Currently have lip tattoo; old pigment (unless super light)  can absorb new pigment.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Excessively: mature, sensitive or sun-damaged skin types

  • Have an undiagnosed/untreated heart issues

  • Hemophiliac

  • Untreated and present skin diseases/disorders such as cold sores, acne, psoriasis, eczema, or other undiagnosed and untreated rashes/blisters/bumps/etc in or near the area to be treated

  • Have healing disorders

  • Trichotilloma

  • Tinea

  • Transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis; can proceed with Dr note

  • Currently taking antibiotics

  • Have taken antibiotics in the past 15 days.

  • Taking immunosuppresion medication/have been diagnosed with an immune disorder; can proceed with Dr note

  • Blood thinning medication or other blood non-prescribed thinners; must me stopped 7 days before treatment

  • Krill oil/fish oil within last 7 days

  • Allergies to cosmetics

  • Allergy to Lidocaine and or Epinephrine

  • Have taken Accutane in the past 12 months.

  • Use of AHA’s or RetinA/Retinol and other Acids/Exfoliants within last 7 days

  • Have tendency to keloid or scar

  • Have had peels/laser/microneedling within the past 4 weeks

  • Have had laser resurfacing in the past 12 months

  • Have had Botox or like injections, or fillers on/around the forehead area within the last 3 weeks; please plan your injections at least 3 weeks before appointment and fillers at least 4 weeks before appointment.

  • At high risk of infection/must take antibiotics during dental work; can proceed with Dr note

  • Currently undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy; can proceed with Dr note

  • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy in last 6 months; can proceed with Dr note


  • Double check list of contraindications above.

  • Lips need to be very moist and healthy prior to appointment!  Dry, cracked, and or flaking lips must be avoided. Sarah recommends using Aquaphor, or a balm of your choice, daily and each night before bed.  Begin using 4-7 days before your service and you will use Aquaphor (or a like product) during your healing as well.  Use as you would chapstick, no need so slather on a super thick layer, we just want your lips nicely moisturized before your appointment, free of cracks and flakes.
    Also be sure your are drinking plenty of water to ensure well hydrated lips.

  • Gently exfoliate lips 24hrs before your appointment.  The use of a warm wash cloth is ample.  Nothing fancy is needed and no need to vigorous scrub, gently rubbing is adequate to remove any dead, flaking skin.

  • If you have a history of Cold Sores: you MUST begin taking your antiviral medications 1wk prior to procedure and continue taking at least the 1st week of healing

  • If you have no history of Cold Sores you may still be a carrier and the treatment can trigger an outbreak; yes this happens!  Ask your Dr about antiviral medications or take something OTC 4days before your treatment and continue for 5 days after your treatment.
    There are a couple products we have heard other PMU Artist recommend:
    Immune Support, Clear Lips, and Abreva
    Choose one that you feel would work best for you, no need to purchase all three.
    Of course you do not have to use an antiviral but you do so at your own risk.


  • Before your appointment, please avoid alcohol, ibuprofen, aspirin, and any other pain relievers 48 hours before your appointment.

  • NO Caffeine 8hrs before your appointment as it increases sensitivity and blood flow; increased blood flow means it is harder to deposit pigment as excess bleeding pushes the pigment out. Lips are very vascular and sensitive, please heed our no caffeine policy.

  • Vigorous Exercise needs to be avoided 24hrs before your appointment and up to 7 days after treatment; very light exercise (walks, mild biking, etc) only during your healing.

  • Retin A/Retinol & any AHA's near the lip area must be stopped at least 7 days prior to service

  • Blood Thinners, must be stopped at least 5 days prior to service

  • Fish/krill oil must be stopped at least 5 days prior to service

  • Botox (and like injections) and Fillers need to be done 3 weeks BEFORE this treatment, and continued as recommended by your injection specialist.

  • These is no talking during your service.  Face Envy plays music but please feel free to bring earbuds to listen to your own music, audio book, etc.

  • If you are exceptionally nervous for any reason, perhaps bring a stress ball to squeeze.

  • Make sure you have some great aftercare products for your new lips.  You will need a mild/gentle cleanser and a healing balm/ointment/salve. Avoid products with alcohol.
    A gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil can be purchased at nearly any drug or grocery store, as well as our recommended go-to ointment Aquaphor.  


All new clients are required to book a new service following the protocol below.  My Perfecting Sessions and Refreshers are for my clients, thank you.


For current rates please visit our online booking system:  


If you do not have any of the contraindications listed, please text or email a clear picture of your lips to Sarah (makeup free please) within 48hr of booking your appointment so she can verify you as a candidate and approve you to book.  Sarah just needs to verify there is no predominate existing tattoo in the area (or that the tattoo is light enough to be covered/worked with without lightening services) and that your skin is free any disorders that may inhibit this beauty service.

Note about pricing: the average hourly rate for a tattoo artist is $175 per hour.   PMU is specialized tattooing on the face that requires specific training.  PMU Artists also use more products than most traditional tattoo artists, such a topical numbing agents and a countless disposable, 1x use tools during each PMU session.  Sarah has undergone many trainings, educational seminars, and has many certifications.

**Please note that the rate for Lips tends to be higher than Brows, this is because it take longer and uses more supplies.  An average Lips appointment is 3hrs.  Lips are delicate and also harder to implant pigment, this means we work very carefully.  More often than not you will need a Perfecting Session or two.  


The healing can be bumpy ride if you have not done your research and if you do not follow your pre-care and aftercare to the letter.  The process typically takes 4-10 weeks for a full heal/skin rejuvenation; each client is different and it is important to remember that everyone heals differently but as long as you following your aftercare, you are doing great!  The first week is when the skin is most sensitive.


Highlights to keep in mind during the healing process:

  • The lips maybe red, irritated, bruised, and swollen for up to 5 days after the service, and they can also appear up to 3x darker/brighter and very uneven in color saturation: this can last for up to a week after your treatment; this tends to dissipate starting around day 4 as your swelling and irritation subside, as you continue to heal and your skin begins to rejuvenate.
    A soft ice pack is recommend to help with any swelling, click here for an easy diy pack

  • It is normal for some light scabs to form and for the skin to flake off as it heals and rejuvenates.  Think of how often your lips flake naturally.  Following your aftercare to the letter will lessen any potential scabbing.  Flaking will happen as the skin heals and rejuvenates itself.

  • As the healing continues, the lip color appears softer and less visible (sometimes is seems to be disappearing completely).
    Please think of your initial PMU Lips session as laying the ground work for your Perfecting Session where adjustments are made and be focus on saturation of pigment and defining your lip border.

  • You will want to take care when eating and drinking while you heal.  Spicy, hot or salting foods/beverages can be painful on your new pout so take caution.

It is important to trust the healing process and stay calm.  A majority of clients think something is wrong during their healing and the first week is the toughest.  Do your research about the process, be prepared, follow your pre-care and aftercare to the letter, and again: trust the healing process. 

And again, anything that heals unevenly (Lips do have a high tenancy to heal patchy) will be addressed at your 4-8 week Perfecting Session.


This is hard to answer as everyone's pain tolerance varies greatly.  Face Envy numbs clients with topical numbing agents before and throughout the procedure to help keep you comfortable and relaxed.



There are many factors that affect the retention of your pigment: skin type, aftercare, how your body heals in response to trauma, etc. so the following is a rough guideline:


Typically, pigments implanted into the lips can last up to 36 months, but refreshers and color boosts may be needed anywhere from 8-24 months.  Everyone heals and retains differently and we cannot predict how long your new lips will retain their beautiful color.


You can increase the longevity of your PMU by:

  • following pre and aftercare to the letter

  • using UV protection daily and avoiding overexposure to the sun during sunny seasons and when on vacation




You bet!  We will work together to find the most complementary color to accent and compliment your natural lip pigment and/or to suit your personal taste. 

Please keep in mind that Face Envy does not offer darker colors or neutral tones. 

Dark colors make the the lips look thinner and older, and also have a higher probability of healing cool and increasing in coolness as time goes on.

Neutral tones are hard to work with and run the risk of implanting and healing too brown on the lips.

Lips makeup