Face Envy Skin Care products are packed with anti-aging and antioxidant properties, and made from 100% organic,
cold-pressed, unrefined oils, and other quality, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.
Face Envy products are suitable for all skin types and sexes.


The reasons why we have so any issues with mainstream skin care products are numerous,
largely due to unnecessary and toxic ingredients such as subpar/low quality fillers, chemical rich fragrances, dyes,
harsh/dangerous preservatives, parabens, silicons, and sulfates...just to name a few.  

If you desire a complexion that looks (and feels) more supple and youthful, without the use of harsh and
toxic chemicals and ingredients, you have come to the right place.  


Reg. $38
SALE: $32.30
Reg. $56
SALE: $47.60


Please note that all our products are handcrafted in small batches and made to order.
This is because we care about quality and freshness.  Free local pickup.

International shoppers: Unfortunately,  shipping is a bit costly.  
We use USPS First Class International services as this is the most cost effective shipping.

All our products are vegan and cruelty-free.  Tested on willing adult humans.  We are Leaping Bunny Certified 100% cruelty-free!


We have included detailed information in all our product descriptions as to why the ingredients we have selected work so well.Switching to effective, all natural skin care will help you achieve the complexion you desire.Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients and actives to help you discover a more beautiful complexion, naturally.


In 2017 we banished excess product packaging to align better with our dedication to being a sustainable business. We feel that simply for the sake of aesthetics, your products do not need come in packaging that is already inside a package, surrounded by packaging materials.  That is simply too much waste.  We will also no longer include printed order receipts with orders (you do receive an emailed receipt) in an effort to reduce paper waste.  Because of these changes, we have lowered our prices: a win-win for all.
Thank you for your support of small, female owned businesses and cheers to beautiful skin!  

Discontinue if irritation occurs.  External use only.  


If pregnant or nursing, please make sure all ingredients are acceptable for use.  


We always recommend a patch test on the inside of your arm when using product for the first time to ensure compatibility.

We make each product to order to ensure freshness.  

 Some users experience mild breakouts when switching to all natural, high quality skin care products.  
This is because the skin is purging impurities from deep in the pores.  
Small, mild breakouts are natural for some users, a total disruption to the skin is a sign of irritation and you should discontinue use.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds on products so please order sample sizes if you think you may be allergic to any
of the ingredients.

Because we use all natural ingredients: color, aroma and even texture may differ slightly from time to time. 

Disclaimer: Face Envy does not promote any product as a cure for skin concerns, disorders, etc.  
stand behind the quality of our products and hope you see, and a feel, a difference with use of our products; however, diet,
genetics, and lifestyle also play a valuable role in overall skin health.

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