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PMU (Permanent Makeup) is offered at Face Envy II in Vancouver, WA year-round.

We do offer PMU services at our Salem location a few months each year!  March '20 is our next  Salem event!
Sarah will offer her PMU Services each Saturday in March so book now to secure your spot!

PMU Brows

Learn about our PMU Brow options and what to expect by clicking here.

$400 for Powder or Ombré Powder Brows

2.5 hrs 

*does not include $150 perfecting session done 5-8 weeks after initial appointment


$425 for Powder or Ombré Powder Brows Cover-up/ReWork 

3 hrs 
This service is for those with current brow tattoo/microblading that need it covered/color boosted, reworked, etc.
**We may recommend removal or lightening before we can proceed.** 

*does not include $150 perfecting session done 5-8 weeks after initial appointment. 
Many Cover-ups/Reworks usually need several sessions and we may offer discounts depending on how many sessions you need.


Lip Blush, $450

Learn about this service and what to expect by clicking here.

3 hrs 

Perfecting Sessions & Refreshers

Done 5-12 week after initial service: Perfecting Sessions are $150 for Brows & $175 for Lips

3-11 month Refresher, $250

12-30 month Refresher, $300

After 30 months (2.5yrs), $350+ depending on fading, etc.

** If you need another Perfecting Session after your Refresher, it is discounted **



Learn more about this service by clicking here.
I recommend 3-6 treatments if you are seeking improved skin tone/scar reduction/wrinkle and fine line improvement/etc. 
done 2-4 weeks apart, for optimal benefits/improvements to your skin.

Small Area Scar Treatment, $75
great for brows scarred by previous microblading/tattoo

Face, $175

Face and Neck, $210

Neck and Décolletage, $225

*** 10% discount when you purchase a package of 3 treatments.***

Skin Tightening

Please click here to learn more about this treatment and to make sure you are candidate and will abide by the aftercare.


Face Envy has easy & convenient online booking!

Please note that the Vancouver studio is open each Saturday.
*if you need a service on a different day please let us know and we will try to work with you!  

Prices do not include sales tax or gratuity.
Face Envy has a strict cancellation policy!

We are all busy adults, so please be courteous and cancel with ample notice so we can fill your appointment, thank you again.

Our Vancouver location is focused on PMU services only at this time; our Salem location offers more services such as
Sarah's highly sought lash extensions and is only 50min from our Van WA studio.