• If you have oily skin and or large pores, there is higher chance of your beauty mark/freckles spreading out/blurring as they heal and age. We aim to go light on freckles so they fade naturally over time.

  • Daily use of SPF will be imperative for protecting your investment.  

  • Using lasers and advanced facials (microdermabrasion, micro-needling, chemicals peels, etc) can lighten, remove, and or discolor your pmu and should be avoided.

  • If you regularly use a night cream that has retinol, or other AHAs/BHAs, your may lighten/discolor/fade your pmu more quickly.

  • While Beauty Marks tend to be a little darker than freckles, we avoid using black pigment.  You may have black if that is what your heart desires but please know that black has a tendency to heal and age "cooler' in color.

  • Yes, I can make your Beauty Mark in the shape of a cute little heart but please now that as it ages it may blur in shape, that is why the above FYIs are important considerations for the longevity of your pmu.


Using a manual or machine hand tool, we will gentle implant pigment into the skin for a very natural, soft look when healed; always remember that your your pmu is darker/thicker directly after the treatment and lightens/softens as it heals.



PMU is a form of tattooing and all clients must be 18+ years of age. 

There are also some contraindications that can prevent a client from getting the service

In some instances, a doctor's note can be accepted to proceed with the service but it is ultimately up to the discretion of Face Envy and its technicians.  If you have any questions, please contact Sarah.

Permanent cosmetic services may not be performed if:

  • Under 18yrs old

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Excessively: mature, sensitive or sun-damaged skin types are at your own risk of healed results

  • Have an undiagnosed/untreated heart issues

  • Hemophiliac

  • Untreated and present skin diseases/disorders such as cold sores, acne, psoriasis, eczema, or other undiagnosed and untreated rashes/blisters/bumps/etc in or near the area to be treated

  • Have healing disorders

  • Trichotilloma

  • Tinea

  • Transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis; Dr note to proceed can be accepted

  • Currently taking antibiotics

  • Have taken antibiotics in the past 15 days.

  • Taking immunosuppresion medication/have been diagnosed with an immune disorder; Dr note to proceed can be accepted

  • Blood thinning medication or other blood non-prescribed thinners; must me stopped 7 days before treatment

  • Krill oil/fish oil within last 7 days

  • Allergies to cosmetics

  • Allergy to Lidocaine and or Epinephrine; these are ingredients in our numbing agents, we can proceed without using them but please remind us of your allergy at time of appointment.

  • Have taken Accutane in the past 12 months.

  • Use of AHA’s or RetinA/Retinol and other Acids/Exfoliants within last 7 days

  • Have tendency to keloid or scar

  • Have had peels/laser/microneedling within the past 4 weeks

  • Have had laser resurfacing in the past 12 months

  • Have had Botox or like injections, or fillers on/around the forehead area within the last 3 weeks; please plan your injections at least 2 weeks before appointment and fillers at least 4 weeks before appointment.

  • At high risk of infection/must take antibiotics during dental work; Dr note to proceed can be accepted

  • Currently undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy; Dr note to proceed can be accepted

  • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy in last 6 months; Dr note to proceed can be accepted


  • Double check list of contraindications above.

  • Before your appointment, please avoid alcohol, ibuprofen, aspirin, and any other pain relievers 48 hours before your appointment.

  • NO Caffeine 8hrs before your appointment as it increases sensitivity and blood flow; increased blood flow means it is harder to deposit pigment as excess bleeding pushes the pigment out. Lips are very vascular and sensitive, please heed our no caffeine policy if we are tattooing on or near your lips.

  • Vigorous Exercise needs to be avoided 24hrs before your appointment and 7 days after treatment; very light exercise (walks, mild biking, etc) only during your healing.

  • Retin A/Retinol & any AHA's near the areas to be treated must be stopped at least 7 days prior to service

  • Blood Thinners, must be stopped at least 7 days prior to service

  • Fish/krill oil must be stopped at least 7 days prior to service

  • Botox (and like injections) and Fillers need to be done 3 weeks BEFORE this treatment, and continued as recommended by your injection specialist.

  • If you are exceptionally nervous for any reason, perhaps bring a stress ball to squeeze.

  • Cosmetics will need to be avoided on treatment area until you are done flaking; this is usually 5-10 days.  

  • Make sure you have some great aftercare for your pmu!  For Beauty Marks and Freckles, we recommend a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil (found at most retailers and grocery stores) and After Inked Lotion.


This is hard to answer as everyone's pain tolerance varies greatly.  But generally speaking, our clients have only very minor discomfort with Freckles or Beauty Mark Tattoos.



There are many factors that affect the retention of your pigment: skin type, aftercare, how your body heals in response to trauma, etc. so the following is a rough guideline:


Typically, pigments implanted can last up to 48 months, but refreshers and color boosts may be needed anywhere from 8-12 months.  We aim to go light with Freckles so they fade naturally; however, everyone heals and retains differently so we cannot predict how long your new PMU will last and look fresh.  



We will work together to find the most complementary color to accent and compliment your natural skin tone!